Seton Youth Ministry is open for all young people from 6th thru 12th grade. Usual meeting times are on Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8 pm…see bulletin for exact updates.


(Pictures inside and outside of St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore Maryland)

As many of you know, I will be leaving to attend St. Mary’s seminary in Baltimore on August 21st.  A seminary is a place where men go to study to be a priest.  Sadly, moving to Baltimore means that I will have to say goodbye to Seton Youth Ministry.  These past two years have been a true blessing and learning opportunity for me.  When I was presented with the opportunity to be one of the leads for youth ministry, I was nervous because I had never lead a youth ministry before.  It was challenging, but I had lots of people praying for me, and I also had two very wonderful people helping me my first year: Tom Vadden and Millie Acosta.  While we had other volunteers during the first year, Tom & Millie were really the ones who helped me out the most and supported me as I learned how to coordinate a youth ministry.  I thank all of the volunteers who helped out over these past two years, but I wanted to give a special thanks to Tom and Millie because getting things started was VERY challenging and I don’t know how well things would have gone if I did not have the help and support that both of them provided.

Thank you as well to all of the youths who have participated in youth ministry these past two years.  Each one of you is awesome in your own way and I’m sincerely happy that I got to work with all of you these past two years.  I pray that you had fun and that in the midst of the fun, you were able to develop closer relationships with friends and most importantly, with God.

I leave knowing that we have another great year of youth ministry coming up because I have such confidence in the leads who will be taking my position.  Tom Vadden will be taking the lead on running youth ministry nights, Madeline Trujillo will be taking the lead on running things involving technology like our website and sending out text messages, and Kathy Moran will be taking the lead on things involving paperwork like registration for youth ministry and special events.

Below you will find information about my going away party as well as pictures of our time at Dorney Park this past Saturday.  It was an awesome final youth ministry event to attend!  For those interested, there is also a picture detailing information about my going away party.  It will be tomorrow (Tuesday) after the 7 o’clock mass.

Signing out,

Mr. James 🙂