Seton Youth Ministry is open for all young people from 6th thru 12th grade. Usual meeting times are on Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8 pm…see bulletin for exact updates.


(Pictures inside and outside of St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore Maryland)

As many of you know, I will be leaving to attend St. Mary’s seminary in Baltimore on August 21st.  A seminary is a place where men go to study to be a priest.  Sadly, moving to Baltimore means that I will have to say goodbye to Seton Youth Ministry.  These past two years have been a true blessing and learning opportunity for me.  When I was presented with the opportunity to be one of the leads for youth ministry, I was nervous because I had never lead a youth ministry before.  It was challenging, but I had lots of people praying for me, and I also had two very wonderful people helping me my first year: Tom Vadden and Millie Acosta.  While we had other volunteers during the first year, Tom & Millie were really the ones who helped me out the most and supported me as I learned how to coordinate a youth ministry.  I thank all of the volunteers who helped out over these past two years, but I wanted to give a special thanks to Tom and Millie because getting things started was VERY challenging and I don’t know how well things would have gone if I did not have the help and support that both of them provided.

Thank you as well to all of the youths who have participated in youth ministry these past two years.  Each one of you is awesome in your own way and I’m sincerely happy that I got to work with all of you these past two years.  I pray that you had fun and that in the midst of the fun, you were able to develop closer relationships with friends and most importantly, with God.

I leave knowing that we have another great year of youth ministry coming up because I have such confidence in the leads who will be taking my position.  Tom Vadden will be taking the lead on running youth ministry nights, Madeline Trujillo will be taking the lead on running things involving technology like our website and sending out text messages, and Kathy Moran will be taking the lead on things involving paperwork like registration for youth ministry and special events.

Below you will find information about my going away party as well as pictures of our time at Dorney Park this past Saturday.  It was an awesome final youth ministry event to attend!  For those interested, there is also a picture detailing information about my going away party.  It will be tomorrow (Tuesday) after the 7 o’clock mass.

Signing out,

Mr. James ūüôā



Youth Ministry

Seton Youth Ministry is open for all young people from 6th thru 12th grade.

Usual meeting times are on Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8 pm…see bulletin for exact updates.

Thank you to everyone that helped at the Carnival!!!

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton had another great year with our carnival!  Fr. Roger has told us that we made more money this year than we have ever made in any other year of the carnival!

Thank you to those who worked at our carnival and helped make this possible.¬† A lot of our youths put in a lot of hours at the carnival, and we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that did help.¬† As we’ve closed up our regular year for youth ministry, here are just a few things to keep in mind as you continue on in the summer.

*Remember to keep checking your email and text messages!¬† We are hoping to try and do a summer activity like going to a park or the beach…¬† We haven’t decided what to do yet, but we will keep you posted!

*If there are people who are still really looking for volunteering hours, please let me know.  We might have one or two volunteering activities in youth ministry, but I can also talk to other ministries in the parish as well to see if there is anything that can be done for volunteering hours.  I can be reached at the following email address:

*Whether we are talking with our friends, adult leads of our youth ministry, or other people in our community, remember to always show respect!¬† For those of you who don’t remember, here are our guidelines for respect: This is especially important when talking with adults like our adult youth ministry leads and police officers in our community.¬† When we are upset about something, the best thing to do is to listen, be respectful, and remain calm.¬† Also, try to be charitable.¬† When being scolded by someone like a police officer, it can make us upset; but in most instances, the adults around us want to help us.¬† So listen and remember that the adult you might be upset with is probably trying to help.¬† Adults are sometimes wrong, but losing your temper can make a bad situation worse.¬† Remember: listen, be respectful, and remain calm.

*And another thank you to everyone that participated in our youth ministry throughout the year!!!¬† We hope and pray that you will continue to stay active in youth ministry, and we’ll see you more this summer as well as in the fall!

Have a great summer everyone!

¬°St. Elizabeth Ann Seton tuvo otro gran a√Īo con nuestro carnival! ¬° Fr. Roger nos ha dicho que hemos ganado m√°s dinero este a√Īo de lo que hemos ganado en cualquier otro a√Īo del carnaval!

Gracias a aquellos que trabajaron en nuestro carnaval y ayudaron a hacer esto posible. Muchos de nuestros j√≥venes pasaron muchas horas en el carnaval, y quisimos tomar un momento para agradecer a todos los que ayudaron. A medida que cerramos nuestro a√Īo regular para el ministerio juvenil, aqu√≠ hay algunas cosas a tener en cuenta a medida que contin√ļe en el verano.

* ¬°Recuerde seguir revisando su correo electr√≥nico y mensajes de texto! Esperamos intentar hacer una actividad de verano como ir a un parque o a la playa … A√ļn no hemos decidido qu√© hacer, ¬°pero los mantendremos informados!

* Si hay personas que todavía están realmente buscando horas de voluntariado, háganmelo saber. Podríamos tener una o dos actividades de voluntariado en el ministerio juvenil, pero también puedo hablar con otros ministerios en la parroquia para ver si hay algo que se pueda hacer por las horas de voluntariado. Me pueden contactar en la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico:

* Ya sea que estemos hablando con nuestros amigos, l√≠deres adultos de nuestro ministerio juvenil u otras personas en nuestra comunidad, ¬°recuerde siempre mostrar respeto! Para aquellos de ustedes que no recuerdan, aqu√≠ est√°n nuestras pautas de respeto: Esto es especialmente importante cuando hablamos con adultos como nuestros l√≠deres del ministerio de j√≥venes adultos y oficiales de polic√≠a en nuestro comunidad. Cuando estamos enojados por algo, lo mejor que podemos hacer es escuchar, ser respetuosos y mantener la calma. Adem√°s, trata de ser caritativo. Cuando nos rega√Īa alguien como un oficial de polic√≠a, nos puede molestar; pero en la mayor√≠a de los casos, los adultos que nos rodean quieren ayudarnos. As√≠ que escucha y recuerda que el adulto con el que puedes estar molesto probablemente est√© tratando de ayudar. Los adultos a veces est√°n equivocados, pero perder los estribos puede empeorar una mala situaci√≥n. Recuerde: escuche, sea respetuoso y permanezca calmado.

* ¬°Y muchas gracias a todos los que participaron en nuestro ministerio juvenil durante todo el a√Īo! Esperamos y oramos para que contin√ļes activo en el ministerio juvenil, ¬°y te veremos m√°s este verano y en oto√Īo!

Volunteering at our Parish Carnival


Interested in volunteering at the carnival?  Here is the information you need to know.

Please follow the following steps to register for the carnival:

1)MAKE SURE YOU ARE REGISTERED WITH SETON YOUTH MINISTRY.  Youths who sign up to volunteer, but are not registered with youth ministry will not be permitted to volunteer at the carnival with youth ministry.  To register with youth ministry, please email James Holman at

2) Pick up a volunteering registration form in the parish hall either during the Saturday evening mass or one of the Sunday masses and TAKE the registration form.

  • Youth ministry will be volunteering on the following days of the Carnival: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday of the Carnival from 5:30-10.¬† You may register for any of these days.
  • Unless otherwise noted, assume that you will be volunteering 5:30-10.¬† Depending upon interest in volunteering, we may have youths volunteering in shifts (e.g., 5:30-7:45 & 7:45-10).¬† We will let you know if this is the case.
  • If you want to volunteer on either Wednesday or Saturday during the carnival, you will need to volunteer with a parent.¬† Youth ministry will not be supervising youths during these days.¬†

3) Return the youth ministry registration form to James Holman during our youth ministry session on May 20th.

Please email James Holman if there are any questions at

¬ŅInteresado en ser voluntario en el carnaval? Aqu√≠ est√° la informaci√≥n que necesita saber.

Por favor, siga los siguientes pasos para registrarse en el carnaval:

1) ASEGÚRESE DE ESTAR INSCRITO CON SETON YOUTH MINISTRY. Los jóvenes que se inscriban para ser voluntarios, pero que no estén registrados en el ministerio juvenil, no podrán participar como voluntarios en el carnaval con el ministerio juvenil. Para registrarse en el ministerio juvenil, envíe un correo electrónico a James Holman a

2) Recoja un formulario de inscripción como voluntario en la sala de la parroquia, ya sea durante la misa del sábado por la noche o una de las misas dominicales y TOME el formulario de inscripción.

El ministerio de jóvenes será voluntario los siguientes días del Carnaval: lunes, martes, jueves y viernes del Carnaval de 5: 30-10. Puede registrarse para cualquiera de estos días.
A menos que se indique lo contrario, suponga que se ofrecerá de voluntario 5: 30-10. Dependiendo del interés en el voluntariado, es posible que tengamos jóvenes voluntarios en turnos (por ejemplo, 5: 30-7: 45 y 7: 45-10). Le haremos saber si este es el caso.
Si desea ser voluntario el miércoles o el sábado durante el carnaval, deberá ser voluntario con uno de los padres. El ministerio juvenil no supervisará a los jóvenes durante estos días.
3) Devuelva el formulario de registro del ministerio juvenil a James Holman durante nuestra sesión del ministerio juvenil el 20 de mayo.

Envíe un correo electrónico a James Holman si tiene alguna pregunta en

Check out our Rosary for the Time Capsule!

Seton Youth Ministry members spent their April 15th meeting creating a giant rosary to be buried in the church’s time capsule.¬† It took a lot of time and effort, but look at what we were able to create!¬† What a blessing this is to our church and to the church that will get this rosary 35 years in the future.¬† Thank you to all youths and adults that helped make this rosary, and another special thank you to Ms. Madeline Trujillo for planning out this awesome project!

¬†Los miembros del Seton Youth Ministry pasaron su reuni√≥n del 15 de abril creando un rosario gigante para ser enterrado en la c√°psula del tiempo de la iglesia. Tom√≥ mucho tiempo y esfuerzo, ¬°pero mira lo que pudimos crear! Qu√© bendici√≥n es para nuestra iglesia y para la iglesia que recibir√° este rosario 35 a√Īos en el futuro. ¬°Gracias a todos los j√≥venes y adultos que ayudaron a hacer este rosario, y otro agradecimiento especial a la Sra. Madeline Trujillo por planificar este incre√≠ble proyecto!
And…¬† We got our group picture from the breakfast with the Easter Bunny!¬† Thanks to everyone that helped out with this event as well ūüôā
Y … ¬°obtuvimos nuestra foto de grupo del desayuno con el conejito de Pascua! Gracias a todos los que ayudaron con este evento tambi√©n ūüôā

Our DC Trip to the Museum of the Bible and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

On April 21st, 21 youths and 18 adults took a trip from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish to Washington DC to visit the Museum of the Bible and the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  It was a great time!  Please look below at all of our pictures.  A special thanks to Ms. Madeline Trujillo for taking so many of the pictures!!!

El 21 de abril, 21 jóvenes y 18 adultos viajaron desde la Parroquia St. Elizabeth Ann Seton a Washington DC para visitar el Museo de la Biblia y la Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción. ¡Era un buen momento! Por favor mira debajo de todas nuestras fotos. ¡Un agradecimiento especial a la Sra. Madeline Trujillo por tomar tantas fotos!

The Museum of the Bible

The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception


Thank you to everyone that was able to come along with us!!!


The Bible Museum & Basilica of the Immaculate Conception Trip

(English Above/Espa√Īol Abajo)

Date: Saturday, April 21st

Departure time from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish: 7:45am

Return time to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish: 7:00pm

Tentative Itinerary (Subject to Change)

Arrival at Museum of the Bible: Around 9:45

Tour Museum of the Bible: 10-12:15

Board bus and travel to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception: 12:30

Lunch at the Basilica: 1:30-2:00

Tour the Basilica: 2:00-3:00

Mass: 3:30-4:30

Board bus and travel back to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: 5:00

Estimated Return Time: Around 7:00

Youth Ministry Members Attending the Field Trip: All youths will be split into small groups and will travel with designated adults during their time touring the Museum of the Bible and Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.  You will need to maintain adult supervision throughout the course of the trip.

Youths Who are Not Members of Seton Youth Ministry: All youths attending who are not part of Seton Youth Ministry and are being accompanied by an adult relative (e.g., parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc.) will need to remain supervised by their adult relative throughout the course of the trip.  Adult youth ministry chaperones are more than happy to help at points during the trip (e.g., watching a youth while the adult relative goes to the rest room); however, primary supervisory responsibility will be with the adult relative accompanying the youth.  Youths and their adult relatives are welcome to tour the museums with youth ministry adult chaperones and youth ministry members or tour the museum on their own.

Adults Attending Who are Not Accompanied By Youths: Adults are welcome to tour the museum with other adults and youth ministry members or tour the museum on their own.

Lunch: You may bring your own lunch onto the bus and eat ON the bus or you may eat in the cafeteria of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception; however, you will be responsible for bringing money to purchase a meal at the Basilica.¬† At this point, we still do not know what the lunch is going to be on Saturday at the Basilica’s cafeteria.¬† I will continue attempting to contact the cafeteria to get information about the menu.

Photography: Only youths with permission to have pictures taken during the day will have their photos taken.¬† Permission slips will be available on Saturday for parents/guardians to sign off on if they are okay with their children’s photos being taken.

Questions, concerns, etc.: Please email James Holman @

Fecha: s√°bado, 21 de abril

Hora de salida de la Parroquia St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: 7:45 a.m.

Hora de regreso a la Parroquia St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: 7:00 p.m.

Itinerario provisional (sujeto a cambios)

Llegada al Museo de la Biblia: alrededor de las 9:45

Tour Museo de la Biblia: 10-12: 15

Viaje en autob√ļs y viaje a la Bas√≠lica de la Inmaculada Concepci√≥n: 12:30

Almuerzo en la Basílica: 1: 30-2:00

Visita la Basílica: 2:00-3:00

Misa: 3: 30-4: 30

Viaje en autob√ļs y viaje de regreso a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: 5:00

Tiempo de retorno estimado: alrededor de las 7:00

Miembros del Ministerio Juvenil que asisten a la excursi√≥n: Todos los j√≥venes se dividir√°n en grupos peque√Īos y viajar√°n con adultos designados durante su visita al Museo de la Biblia y a la Bas√≠lica de la Inmaculada Concepci√≥n. Deber√° mantener la supervisi√≥n de un adulto a lo largo del viaje.

J√≥venes que no son miembros del Ministerio Juvenil de Seton: todos los j√≥venes que asisten que no son parte del Ministerio Juvenil de Seton y est√°n siendo acompa√Īados por un pariente adulto (por ejemplo, padres, abuelos, t√≠os / t√≠as, etc.) deber√°n permanecer supervisados ‚Äč‚Äčpor su familiar adulto a lo largo del viaje. Los acompa√Īantes adultos del ministerio juvenil est√°n m√°s que dispuestos a ayudar en los puntos durante el viaje (por ejemplo, mirando a un joven mientras el pariente adulto va al ba√Īo); sin embargo, la responsabilidad primaria de supervisi√≥n ser√° con el pariente adulto que acompa√Īa al joven. Los j√≥venes y sus parientes adultos son bienvenidos a recorrer los museos con chaperones adultos del ministerio juvenil y miembros del ministerio juvenil o visitar el museo por su cuenta.

Adultos que asisten y que no est√°n acompa√Īados por j√≥venes: los adultos pueden recorrer el museo con otros adultos y miembros del ministerio juvenil o visitar el museo por su cuenta.

Almuerzo: Usted puede traer su propio almuerzo en el autob√ļs y comer en el autob√ļs o puede comer en la cafeter√≠a de la Bas√≠lica de la Inmaculada Concepci√≥n; sin embargo, usted ser√° responsable de traer dinero para comprar una comida en la Bas√≠lica. En este punto, todav√≠a no sabemos cu√°l ser√° el almuerzo del s√°bado en la cafeter√≠a de la Bas√≠lica. Continuar√© intentando contactar la cafeter√≠a para obtener informaci√≥n sobre el men√ļ.

Fotografía: solo se tomarán fotos de los jóvenes con permiso para tomar fotos durante el día. Las hojas de permiso estarán disponibles el sábado para que los padres / tutores firmen si están de acuerdo con que se tomen las fotos de sus hijos.

Preguntas, inquietudes, etc.: envíe un correo electrónico a James Holman @

Pics from last week’s Pilgrimage

Seton Youth ministry wishes you, your family, and all of your loved ones a very blessed Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

Please take a few minutes to look over our post and remember everything that Christ has done for us and taught us as we close the Lenten season and prepare to enter into the Easter season.

Last week, Seton Youth Ministry and 700 other members of the Dioceses of Wilmington participated in the annual Diocesan Pilgrimage.  Adult leads Madeline Trujillo, Arturo Trujillo, and Matanda Mondoa accompanied youths Daniela Trujillo, Michael Trujillo, Omaris Ortiz, Francis Chacko, and Thomas Vadden through the pilgrimage.  Also, youth lead Ashlyne Yeuteuh worked behind the scenes during the pilgrimage.  Her responsibilities with the pilgrimage involved preparing music.

During the pilgrimage, pilgrims went from church to church in Wilmington remembering the path Jesus walked to his crucifixion by doing many different things such as praying, singing, observing a stations of the cross, taking turns carrying a cross while walking through the streets of Wilmington, and celebrating mass.

Pilgrims praying in front of St. Francis Hospital.

Bishop Malooly giving a blessing in front of a church.

Members of Seton Youth Ministry carrying the cross through the streets of Wilmington.

Seton’s group within one of the churches.

Our final picture after the pilgrimage closing mass. Youth Ministry Coordinator James Holman was able to make it for the mass ūüôā

Our adult leads and youths had a lot to say about their experience.  Listen to what they said:

Youth Lead Ashlyne Yeuteuh said,

“Being part of a group that organizes an event (the pilgrimage ) is cool but seeing 700 people attend the event is overwhelming. Seeing everyone at the pilgrimage enjoying themselves, participating and learning new things just gets me all hyped up. The YLT (Youth Leadership Team) did their best to make this event a success from arranging tags and backs to the sound production for the Passion of Christ but not forgetting¬† others who helped with the Pilgrimage. This years pilgrimage was exciting, amazing, heartwarming and educative for everyone who participated. It was amazing, cannot wait for the next pilgrimage.”

Youths Daniela Trujillo (left) and Omaris Ortiz (right) said,

“We enjoyed meeting new people, learning new songs, and dancing.”

Adult lead Matanda Mondoa said,

“We got to carry the cross at the last leg of the journey.¬† It’s heavier than it looks!”

Adult lead Madeline Trujillo said,

“I enjoyed that the singer (Luke Spehar) met and sung at every church.”

Once again, we wish all of you a very happy and blessed Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.¬† Enjoy the break, and we’ll see you again at youth ministry when we start again on April 15th!

Stations of the Cross was a success!

Our stations of the Cross was a success!  A big thank you to all of the youths in our parish that made this so great, and thank you to everyone who came out to see us!

Francis, playing Jesus, and his sister Clara, playing Veronica, in the midst of one of the stations behind the silhouette.

Katie getting ready for her speaking part.

The first station.


Click on the following link to see a video during our practice session: Jesus Encounters the Women of Jerusalem.